Digital Innovation Protection

BHOLE IP LAW works extensively in the digital innovation space. Neural networks/machine learning, wearables, electronic devices, cryptography, mechanical devices, mobile applications, communications and e-commerce are all areas of strength at BHOLE IP LAW.

Business-oriented IP Strategy

Innovation means differentiation. Innovative businesses all operate differently, so why would they implement the same intellectual property strategy? BHOLE IP LAW works with each client to create a customized intellectual property solution.

Targeting Your Growth

BHOLE IP LAW works with clients that include large manufacturers, product developers, early-stage venture backed start-ups and entrepreneurs. The ideal client is passionate about technology and finds value in like-minded advisors.

Meeting Your Business Needs

BHOLE IP LAW operates like its clients – efficiently, streamlined and targeting growth. We tailor the delivery of patent, trademark, industrial design, licensing and IP strategy services to exceed client expectations even in the face of limitations often faced by early-stage companies.

Work with BHOLE IP LAW

BHOLE IP LAW is a different breed of law firm; one that was founded on the principle that intellectual property strategy must reflect business reality. We work with our clients at the front-end to understand their business and objectives, and the ways in which intellectual property works to further those objectives. We also take the time to ensure that the client has a full appreciation of strategic options available to them so that they can extract the most value from our services.

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