Anil Bhole

Managing Partner | Lawyer, Patent Agent & Trademark Agent

Anil Bhole is the founder and managing partner of Bhole IP Law.

Anil is a lawyer, Canadian patent agent and trademark agent who is also qualified by the United States Patent and Trademark Office to file and prosecute U.S (United States). applications on behalf of Canadian applicants. Anil also has a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering.

Anil’s client generally engage him for comprehensive IP strategy which comprises patent, trademark and design registration, transactional work, enforcement and value generation. Anil’s philosophy is to first understand each client including their goals, motivations, and constraints, so that he can deliver IP solutions that provide meaningful value to each business.  Anil is sought by the majority of significant universities and health care institutions in Canada to strategize, prosecute, and commercialize intellectual property which, in many cases, lends itself to immediate commercialization through spin-offs.  

Anil has developed numerous patent portfolios, primarily building them from the ground up. He has a particularly strong experience in the areas of cryptography, neural networks/machine learning, including foundational machine learning technologies as well applications including image processing, natural language processing, and analytics. Beyond these areas, his clients span the spectrum from consumer products and industrial suppliers to some of the most recognized software brands. 

On the branding side, Anil has assisted clients to file, prosecute and ultimately enforce brand elements worldwide. He has been involved in trademark dispute resolution including through formal trademark oppositions and domain name resolution matters. 

Anil’s transactional practice spans both simple and complex IP transactions, including IP asset transactions, commercialization deals, and enterprise software license agreements. In these engagements, he tends to steer discussions toward realistic negotiation, concentrating on what really matters to his clients. 

Anil is enthusiastic about assisting early-stage companies to develop IP strategies and pursue protection for key aspects of their technologies. He has also extensively assisted established companies to formulate best practices for managing their IP portfolios and leveraging IP assets.  

Prior to founding Bhole IP Law, Anil practiced at an IP boutique law firm and a few national full service law firms in their IP groups. This experience has exposed Anil to a vast array of legal work, from patent and trade-mark prosecution and technology licensing to the IP issues raised in M&A and securities offerings. He has also worked in embedded software development prior to entering the legal profession.