What sets you apart in the marketplace? If it is great technology, then your edge may be vulnerable to the competition, unless you have properly sought to protect it. Hence, an effective patent protection strategy is critical to maintaining this advantage and to its continued success. Bhole IP Law provides the following patent-related services:
  • Patent strategy
  • Drafting and filing of patent applications
  • Patent examination/prosecution in Canada, the United States and internationally
  • Patentability searches
  • Infringement / freedom-to-operate / validity analyses
  • Patent audits
  • Patent valuation assistance
  • Portfolio analysis and management
  • Patent licensing, joint venture and other commercial exploitation agreements
  • Patent and portfolio monitoring
  • Trade secret guidance
Filing a patent application is a complex but accessible process. The key to leveraging patents properly is to understand timelines and strategies, and to engage a trusted advisor that understands your technology and your business. For a patent protection strategy to be effective, clients must have an understanding of the requirements for patentability while a patent agent must have an understanding of the client’s business. Bhole IP Law prides itself on the depth of its client relationships, which means that patent strategies, and its patent-related services, are always customized for the particular client.
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