What sets you apart in the marketplace? If it is great technology, then your edge may be vulnerable to the competition, unless you have properly sought to protect it. Hence, an effective patent protection strategy is critical to maintaining this advantage and to its continued success. Patents grants their owners the right to prevent others from utilizing technology. They are effective tools for protecting market position and generating value.


Trademarks are calling cards for a business. They capture the goodwill and reputation that a business has developed through its efforts creating great products and services. Protecting that goodwill and reputation is of the utmost importance. Trademarks can include distinctive words, phrases, logos, slogans and even sounds and smells. Preventing others from usurping your trademarks is crucial to maintaining your brand identity.

Industrial Designs

Industrial design registrations (also referred to as design patents) protect aesthetic aspects of devices. In many industries, it is vital to create a beautiful and functional design that enhances the user experience. The efforts made to create these designs is worthy of protection.


IP is not only useful for preventing others from entering the market. Rather, IP rights can be granted to others to generate commercialization and monetization opportunities through the preparation and negotiation of license agreements, assignments, venture agreements, consulting and contractor agreements and other IP-related agreements. We prepare and negotiate these agreements from both the rights holder and acquirer perspectives.

IP Strategy

Determining an appropriate intellectual property strategy is crucial in today’s marketplace. Understanding what can, and should, be protected is just the first step in the development of an IP strategy. We begin by looking at your business and identify IP protections that relate to your business goals.

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