Meet Our Team

We are a group of lawyers who have all gained experience at full service national law firms or prominent IP boutiques. While that experience equips us with the knowledge to serve our clients, it has also given us insight into shortcomings in the traditional legal services model.

Anil Bhole

Managing Partner, Lawyer
Patent Agent & Trademark Agent

Shadi Nasseri

Partner, Trademarks and Licensing
(* Not Currently Practicing)

Marc Lampert

Associate Lawyer
Patent Agent & Trademark Agent

Alessia Monastero

Associate Lawyer
Trademark Agent

Renee Joseph

Patent and Trademark Clerk

Chris Dynowski

Patent Agent

Ammar Kalanaki

IP Paralegal
Patent and Trademark Agent-in-Training

Our Network

Bhole IP Law professionals are members of several key international networks including:

  • FICPI (the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys)
  • AIPF (Association of Intellectual Property Firms)

We consistently work closely with foreign counsel in jurisdictions around the world, including Europe, Asia and South America to help protect our clients’ interests internationally, and advocate for foreign rights holders’ Canadian rights.

We also regularly make connections for our clients, whether to other lawyers for non-intellectual property needs, industry partners, other service providers (e.g. accountants), and funding resources.

We are also closely tied to the university ecosystem in Canada, which is considered world leading in many fields.