UGGS Boots

When Culture And Copyright Clash In An UGGly Lawsuit

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The “Ugg” phenomena took North America by storm when Oprah Winfrey first endorsed the Ugg boots  – furry, cozy, shaggy, and ‘ugly’ footwear.  While these unique looking booties were heckled for some time, the footwear eventually became not only mainstream, but also coveted by celebrities and the general public alike. …

Trademark Lawyers And Celebrity Culture

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Being a public persona is hard work and often involves the help of a diligent trademark lawyer. In the United States, some of the most talked-about celebrities have been employing the help of trademark lawyers to protect their name – and the lucrative business that comes with the brand – …

How To File A Patent In Canada

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Filing a patent in Ontario or anywhere in Canada is a process that requires diligence, attention to detail, and technical skills. Before jumping into how a patent is filed, let’s review the purpose behind the patent system in Canada. One of the goals of the patent system is to fuel …

Canadian Courts Can’t Keep their Patent Promise

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In the last few weeks the Supreme Court of Canada has released three IP and technology law related decisions, each with significant holdings. In Douez v. Facebook, Inc., 2017 SCC 33, the Court established a framework for deciding the enforceability of forum selection clauses. The analysis will no doubt also …

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SCC Renders Decision Against Google

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  A Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) ruling ordering search engine giant Google to remove the web pages of a company found to be duplicating a technology firm’s products will have a global impact, says Toronto intellectual property lawyer Erika Murray. “The unprecedented decision will have implications for IP (intellectual property) holders around the world and …

Captain Morgan Remains Commander of His Ship

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Captain Morgan rum sales to spice up following the company’s successful defense of its design trademarks and distinguishing guise against Admiral Nelson’s spiced rum, barring sales of any bottled products with the patent-infringing Admiral Nelson character. (See: Diageo Canada Inc. v. Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc.) The trademark infringement decision dated …

Copyrights: All You Need to Know

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Copyrights are an essential tool to protect an original piece of work. Toronto is home to many prominent content creators for media, arts, music and technology. Copyright is importantly used to protect use and distribution of the creative works generated by such content creators. Copyright can also be used to …

trademark infingement case

The Unicorn of Trademark Infringement Cases

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A Local Brooklyn cafe The End (with co-plaintiff Montauk Juice Factory Inc.) recently filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against corporate behemoth Starbucks, claiming that one of their most popular drinks – the Unicorn Latte – was infringed by the release of Starbucks’ limited edition Unicorn Frappuccino. It’s easy to see …