The Benefits of an Early Patent Search

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Are you working on a new technological invention or

innovating upon an existing technology? Creative development requires a lot of time and financial resources, and it’s attached to a string of demands and details that need constant attention. While the logistics that go into your technological development are highly important, it is also crucial that there is continuous awareness of the external factors of the market you are entering.

Conducting a patent search with IP law professionals is one of the most significant early steps to take when working on new technology. From your technology’s conception to its launch, every piece of knowledge you can gather from a patent search can go a long way. Here are a few of the benefits of starting a patent search early on.

Identify competition, trends and developments

A patent search is extremely useful in identifying any external competition, trends, and developments in the field you’re working in. A detailed patent search can also provide a detailed list of existing patents and patent applications, as well as companies and individuals working in your field.

In addition to this, a patent search can help you…

  • See what is possible for your technology with real and tangible information
  • Clearly identify all of your possible competition and even track the patents they have been granted
  • Identify patterns to see what routes are beneficial or unproductive for your technology

Gather insight and resources

The key reason you should conduct a patent search early is to understand the opportunities for obtaining your own patent protection. A thorough search will identify whether there is any aspect of your technology that could warrant protection. Our role as patent agents and patent attorneys is to help you assess whether any such aspect would be of value to your business.

Additionally, insight from other companies working on similar products is also highly beneficial when working on a new invention or innovation. A patent search contributes a range of insight into the research process that can help you save a lot of time and money.

It can help you…

  • Discover new partnerships (ex. Licensing new ideas from existing patents or licensing your concepts to existing players in the industry)
  • Find useful information in advance that can help you refine your ideas
  • Help you find technical solutions
  • Orient you to new ideas or ways of problem solving

A basic preliminary patent search can be conducted online via the Canadian Patent Database or in person at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). However, a more detailed patent search is best conducted by a trained IP law professional who specializes in patents.

It’s possible you can locate the basic information necessary to begin preparing and filing a patent application. However, working with professionals will help you identify, organize and compile all of the necessary information that goes into positioning and formulating your application for maximum success. Technical expertise and advice will make the process far more fluid and convenient and will also increase your chances of successfully obtaining an issued patent.

Working with us

Bhole IP law in Toronto will work with you to ensure that your patent search and your patent application are handled thoroughly. Our trained law professionals and patent agents are qualified to prepare, file and prosecute patent applications in both the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to…

  • Prepare all of the necessary legal documents
  • Handle administrative and management-related patent law tasks
  • Provide advice to clients on intellectual property issues
  • Provide advice on the patent eligibility of particular subject matter, patent licensing requirements, patent protection and existing patent rights
  • Provide access to foreign associates and attorneys

Interested in getting started on a patent search? Get in touch with us today and head on over to our resources page to learn more.

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